22 Hottest Angled Bob Hairstyles You Can’t Miss

Bob hairstyles are always a cool look, although it still popular for many years and easy to maintenance, now it adds some fashion and unique feature, by styling it, you can become beautiful and sexy.

An angled bob is an easy way to give your locks some dimensions and lives, they are very cute and smooth so many girls choose it for all seasons. Like other bob hairstyles, you can choose various tones, highlights or shapes for angled bobs, whatever you want.

If you have short hair or have long hair and are considering cutting it shorter, looking for great pictures of angled bobs, then you have come to the right place now and we are listing the hottest angled bob hairstyle in 2021!

1. Asymmetrical Bob Black Hair

Asymmetrical Bob Black Hair

This angled bob suitable for thick hair, it needs some heaviness to pull it off.

2. Classic Bob Blonde Hair

Classic Bob Blonde Hair

When you don’t know how to choose a bob, you can’t go wrong with this classic style.

3. Cute Orange Angled Bob

Cute Orange Angled Bob

Orange, bold orange symbolizes temptation brings hope this summer, and also reflects the passion of your heart.

4. Little Angled Bob Hairstyle

Little Angled Bob Hairstyle

If you don’t like a bob with an exaggerated angle, you may consider this conservative style, but the black gradient on the top of the head can always bring you unexpected surprises.

5. Angled Bob Black Hair

Angled Bob Black Hair

When you have thick black hair, why not consider an angled bob?

6. Lob Cut For Medium Hair

Lob Cut For Medium Hair

Look, long hair can also be used for angled bob. We really like her straight hair and the elegant golden tone.

7. Stacked Angled Bob

Stacked Angled Bob

This lovely lady’s ponytail was about as thick as someone’s wrist. So creating a stacked balanced bob required some brainwork and technique.

8. Short Angled Bob

Short Angled Bob

A simple angled bob idea, her hair is very straight, this precision makes it a perfect match with an angled bob.

9. Angled Bob with Blue Highlights

Angled Bob with Blue Highlights

What cute short haircuts, the blue highlights are curled up again, which can fascinate the black hair. We feel the blue here and it is the joy for this summer.

10. Ombre Angled Bob for Thick Hair

Ombre Angled Bob for Thick Hair

Women with thick hair can try this ombre angle bob, which not only allows you to keep up with the color trend but also adds highlights to the monotonous angled bob.

11. Blonde Angled Bob with Pink Highlights

Blonde Angled Bob with Pink Highlights

Have some fun, chop your hair, live your best life.

12. Angled Blonde Bob

Angled Blonde Bob

The perfect combination of a-line bob and angled bob. There is a very long lob in the front. This hairstyle is suitable for most hair types and you can match glasses to increase the charm of women.

13. Pink and Blonde Tones

Pink and Blonde Tones

So special mixed angled bob hairstyle, when you are tired of blonde, you can cover it with pink and vice versa!

14. 2 Toned Blue Bob

2 Toned Blue Bob

Gorgeous style, blue is the coolest color!

15. Angled Bob with Purple Line

Angled Bob with Purple Line

Look at that clean line! What a cute angled bob for a pretty girl!

16. Angled Bob Haircut with Bangs

Angled Bob Haircut with Bangs

Chic bob and GLOW leaves hair so soft and shiny!

17. Long Inverted Bob

Long Inverted Bob

Perfect style if you are feeling a bit worried about chopping your long hair off. The short back provides volume and bounce whilst the long front maintains the length that you’re used to!

18. Grey Hair Red Highlights

Grey Hair Red Highlights

Keeping a pop of natural grey to really contrast this color. Loving the bright red but diffused at the root area for a nice melt into the dark. Top everything off with a major refresh haircut with lots of carved-out texture.

19. Dramatic Angled Bob

Dramatic Wavy Angled Bob

We love the color and shape so much, angled bob should not be limited to straight hair, wavy hair can also create a flexible look, and pink adds a sense of fashion.

20. Red Color Angled Bob

Red Color Angled Bob

Absolutely love this color and cut, the most important thing is that this hairstyle has a shadowy black. How are you in red?

21. Funny Pink Angled Bob

Funny Pink Angled Bob

How fun is this? Summer vibes with a shadow root.

22. Golden Angled Bob with Shadow Roots

Golden Angled Bob with Shadow Roots

The length of the front locks falls right on the shoulders, looks versatile, this hairstyle is smooth and textured.