20 Trendy Inverted Bob Haircuts to Copy Asap

Inverted bob haircuts are still trendy in 2021! It has some layers and curved lines in the front of the face. Women with short hair, medium hair and all hair quality can realize this style. Inverted bob beyond time and it suits all ages, face shapes and personality for women.

The cut with a short back and a long front are very flattering. Women of all hair types and textures can accept this chic style. Its biggest advantage is that it can add volume to your hair, create a perfect geometric shape, and make your facial features are more charming.

In order to help you create the perfect inverted bob hairstyle, we have prepared this most fashionable list, please choose one from the list.

1. Red Stacked Bob

Red Stacked Bob

This is a cool short bob with red color and black roots.

2. Grey Short Bob Hair

Grey Short Bob Hair

Silver short bob is suitable for women of any age. You don’t know what to cut this hot summer. When you choose the head shape, it’s right to choose an inverted bob.

3. Blonde Classic Bob

Blonde Classic Bob

Blonde bob will never go out of style, you can try this classic hairstyle, it is so neat and stylish.

4. Blonde Hair with Highlights

Blonde Hair with Highlights

Short blond hair has always been a unique existence, it is suitable for the office.

5. Blonde Inverted Bob 2021

Blonde Inverted Bob 2021

Stef loves light hair and we have been doing highlights with a lighter base color… but today we decided to step up our game and did highlights with Redken blonde idol highlift color and it was AMAZING! Then she let me stack her hair back up and give her this beautiful angular inverted haircut.

6. Blonde and Pink Inverted Bob

Blonde and Pink Inverted Bob

Such a cute inverted bob hairstyle, pink and blonde color can make it unique.

7. Blonde Bob with Dark Lowlights

Blonde Bob with Dark Lowlights

What a new short bob hairstyle, with beautiful lowlights.

8. Red Inverted Bob

Red Inverted Bob

When you have short red hair, why not consider this for this summer?

9. Pink Inverted Bob Haircut

Pink Inverted Bob Haircut

Pink bob has always been a dazzling presence, with black hair root shadows on top of her head.

10. Black Inverted Bob

Black Inverted Bob

What a classic bob black hair, you can create a black atmosphere in the whole with clothes and nail polish.

11. Beautiful Blonde Bob Haircut

Beautiful Blonde Bob Haircut

What a stunning inverted bob for ladies.

12. Rainbow Hair Inverted Bob

Rainbow Hair Inverted Bob

What a pretty colorful bob haircut, if you want to be more lively in summer, colorful is a good idea.

13. Brunette Blonde Root

Brunette Blonde Root

Brunette blonde root melt created with the stunning color touch plus.

14. Silver Inverted Bob Haircut

Silver Inverted Bob Haircut

Very classy bob, gorgeous color correction and inverted undercut.

15. Short Inverted Bob with Red Highlights

Short Inverted Bob with Red Highlights

Blonde inverted bob with some red and blue lowlights will make you different.

16. Amazing Angled Bob Cut

Amazing Angled Bob Cut

Amazing angled bob cut.

17. Short Hair Inverted Bob

Short Hair Inverted Bob

This is an elegant inverted bob, the cut of the long inverted bob is eye-catching and fashionable, and the sharp lines are suitable for ladies who like to turn their heads.

18. Short Inverted Bob with Undercut Hair

Short Inverted Bob with Undercut Hair

If you like a more defined look, you can consider choosing this colorful and smooth inverted bob, which looks very young and has a unique charm.

19. Purple Inverted Bob

Purple Inverted Bob

What a great purple hair transformation for your new style in 2021~

20. Another Purple Inverted Bob

Another Purple Inverted Bob

Still obsessed with this purple inverted bob from 2 years ago! This haircut and the color are everything!